Port Your Phone Number

Keep your phone number you already have and love!

Handy things to have before you begin:
  • Account Holder’s Full Name
  • Current Account Number
  • Account PIN or Password

Step 1

Keep your account with the old carrier active until your phone number port is complete with StandUp Prepaid.

Step 2

Have your account number, and account PIN or password ready.

Step 3

Chat with us here or email us at support@standupprepaid.com with the information above and ask to port your phone number to start the process.​

Step 4

Wait the time frame given by your StandUp Prepaid agent, and then reboot your phone. Try to make and receive a phone call. You should be good to go! Chat or email us if you run into a problem.


Account Number and Password/PIN required for moving a number is not usually the same as the login and password for a website with your old company.